Ceramic Basins
Please CLICK on any image to enlarge the view and take you to the basins available in our range. 
  1. Sit on Ceramic Basin
    Aura Basin
    Sit On
  2. Square Sit-on ceramic basin
    Brisa Basin
    Sit On
  3. Cloakroom sit-on ceramic basin
    Elise Basin
    Sit On
  4. Semi-recessed ceramic basin
    Levanto 45 Basin
    Semi Recessed
  5. Levanto 55 Basin
    Levanto 55 Basin
  6. Mistral Basin
    Mistral Basin
    Sit On
  7. Quadro 35mm
    Quadro 35mm
    Inset/Flush with unit
  8. Quadro 40mm
    Quadro 40mm
    Inset/flush with unit
  9. Quadro 15mm
    Quadro 15mm
    Inset/flush with unit
  10. Vico Basin
    Vico Basin
    Sit On